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There are different types of wetsuits for surf lovers, the one which you need to choose should make you feel sexy and have comfort. The following are questions that you need to ask before choosing the right one for you: Do you want your tattoos to be visible and which parts? Do you want to not get a sunburn? Do you want to not hurt your knees? Do you want your ass to look sexy and big? And there might be some more, I just can’t get all of them.

1. The Spring/Summer Wetsuit

This type of swimsuit is best during spring and summer when the water temperature isn’t cold, but you still can’t surf without your second skin.

The Spring/Summer wetsuits can be found in different patterns and prints.

Pros: Comes with different prints, one of the sexiest suits to wear, comfortable when it is not much cold, tattoos in your legs will be visible. You will not get a sunburn in your arms area which is the most sensitive one. Dries fast as it is not very thick. Costs cheaper from 30-150$

Cons: You might hurt your knees if you are a beginner, tattoos in your arms or back or chest will not be visible

2. The Full Wetsuit

The fullsuit covers your entire body – torso, legs, and arms. This model is the most popular one. It is generally used from cold to cool water environments. Thicknesses range from 3/2mm to 5/4mm. For cooler temperatures, choose a 3mm/2mm wetsuit, for very cold weather you would need a 6mm/5mm/4mm one to allow you to stay in the water for longer. Some even come with hoods attached.

Pros: Warmth, what more of a “Pro” do you need.

Cons: A thicker suit is harder to paddle, also it is one of the expensive one. Prices range from 200-350$ without any discount. So keep in mind that there will be some seasonal discounts.

3. The Wetsuit Jacket

Well, jackets have full length arms which provide additional warmth for the top half of the body. Jackets are normally constructed from 2mm/1mm thick material. Beware a full length chest zip at the front, these can be quite uncomfortable for a surfer while paddling. Try also a full length suit without the zip, that might feel more comfy.

Pros: Warm, no shaving of underarm stubble required in order to look good in the lineup.

Cons: Your prison tattoos will be covered 🙂

4. Wetsuit Vest

The vest provides a little bit of neoprene coverage, giving protection from wind chill. This type is more comfortable during summer, same as the option N1. The vest is normally either 2mm or 3mm thick. Wearing something on your bottom half is optional (but advised).

Pros: Shows off your tattoos and muscles. Does not prevent paddling.

Cons: Shows off your anchor tattoo.

5. The Springsuit

This type of wetsuit has arm and leg coverage, at least in part. It comes with short legs, and can have both short and long arms. (Not at the same time, or with one short and one long arm, obviously)

Pros: Perfect for summer surfing, long arms and full body keeps the sun off your skin, and your body core temperature increases.

Cons: Lightweight.