in Diary

Priorities change during the time. Friends come and go, new people and new interests come into your life. The transition moments are not usually easy and sometimes you think is it normal to ditch some of the friends because your interest or priorities do not match anymore or not.

You are not a bad person for stopping to hang out with some friends who have different priorities. Just let go.

Sometimes it is great to leave the situation on to the destiny. Same like the river, the water flows on one direction, you may stop it but the water will fill in and by the time it will still flow with the same direction. Life is the same. Some of the friends will go and new ones will come.

The interesting part of the life is the part of meeting others during the journey and seeing the impact of each human being on you, it is sweet to let it happen and sad when you stop it somehow. Just let go and see the result. It can be bad, it can be good. The thing is you need to know what you want in your life and destiny will bring eventually what you deserve. It is just the faith and actions that help the destiny to do its’ job. Don’t stop it from happening.

You have no friends to hang out?

No worries. You will find them, just give some time. Sitting at home won’t help it by the way. When specialist say to give yourself some time, it doesn’t mean wait at home and give some time. It means give yourself time to be ready to go out some places alone. When you will be able to do that, then you will be able to meet new people. Even if you are an introvert, it doesn’t matter, extroverts will find you.

Do not ditch your good friends

Even though their priorities change it doesn’t mean they don’t want to be friends any more. When marring and having kids new responsibilities come up and it is hard to make plans momentarily like before and in fact they do want to go out get drunk, flirt have fun. The issue is with the new proprieties and it will help them a lot if you try to be with them even with some distance. The time will come when their life priorities will change back. Keeping good friends close is not a bad thing to have lot’s of good friends. They send you positive vibes.

Ditch those who envy you

Anything toxic is bad for health. Same refers to toxic people who surround you. It is better to be alone than be surrounded by negativity. There are lots of good human beings in this world, find them.

Stay Positive

Positive energy, faith and love help to have amazing life. Don’t be afraid to be positive about everything.