in Diary

Do you ever think why everyone has a therapist? How come that all of us know someone know starts the conversation with “my therapist told me…”? Not all people can afford a therapist right?

How therapy trend did start?

Countries where the demand of psychologists is high are those where people have high quality lifestyle. In one way or another people who cannot afford a therapist are also impacted by the community they live in. So the lever of communication with their friends, parents, neighbors is quite limited therefore they need someone to talk to who will not share that information with others.

Tell me what is the definition of high quality lifestyle for you?

You define what is high quality for you. Believe me it doesn’t include money.

There is a saying that every coach uses during the training, that will be gym, self-defense, military tactics etc.

Everything is in your head. The instruction comes from your own brain.

Just talk to it.

Let’s not forget what this article is about. So you are reading this to find the ways to get free therapy right? Here are some pointers for you.


No excuses.


You need to start to understand yourself. There are free meditation videos in your tube that you can use for meditation. Here is one for you. Just concentrate and do as it says for at least 10 days every day. Don’t be lazy.

Don’t think craps like “I am not self-determined to do it alone, I need someone to tell me to do so”. You are not stupid. Remember the saying everything is in your head, you are the one who gives the instructions.

Relaxing evening with yourself

Have one or two glass of wine just to relax and enjoy it by yourself. Can be at home, in the cafe, in your yard, wherever you want. Do not watch a movie or news or anything, just give yourself a break and enjoy the taste of wine. If you hate wine just have something that makes you feel good. A team with thymus is a great option by the way. Could also be a bath with lavender or thymus oil (use only a drop or two, do not overdo it).

There are many options when it comes to relaxing by yourself. Anything that pops up in your head, even masturbation.


Free Therapy

There are some ways to get your therapy for free. Will give the list below. But before you read them,

  • Do you need one after meditation and relaxing?
  • Don’t you fee like doing anything else than complaining and talking about past with someone?
  • Do you feel like blaming anyone in your life that you chose?

If the answer is no, then just read the questions below:

  • Do you feel like living with the present what you have?
  • Do you feel like going out to meet someone new? A friend, a lover, or even a one night stand, just a fuck body?
If the answer is yes, then just close this article and move your ass to get ready for your new life. Don't look back. Everything is in your head, start commanding yourself. 

Do you still need a therapist?

If you still need a therapist and have no money to afford it and the meditation also didn’t help you, then just read what options there are:

  • Online forums
    • it is free to write your question in forums, there are lot’s of people in there who will support you and even advise you. Please be careful also, there are some creeps there too.
  • Neighbor
    • Did you notice that you have a neighbor? Why don’t you try to get close to your neighbor? If the neighbor is an elderly person then you have got a good one. You will find a comfort there.
  • Parents
    • I know sometimes it is hard to talk to parents about everything but don’t you think that they lived the same issue too. That they understand what you are into? Maybe they express themselves differently, but they are family. They won’t blame you. Even if they do, they think it’s for your own good. Don’t forget the love between mom and child is unconditional, even if you are in jail, there is no day that passes when your mom or dad doesn’t think about you.
  • New Friends
    • Try to find new friends, it will be easier to talk to new friend rather than the old one.

One will not need a therapist if there is no motivation in life to live. If you have got one, then stick to it, it will help you to pass the stress that you are having it right now.

You are the one who defines the high quality life and not the society.