in Fashion

As we all know fashion industry is pretty cruel. Business owners and their marketers spend huge amount time and money to analyze women and understand the industry just in order to find out what is it that women want.

There are those who think that things that are already in market women don’t want them. And that the marketers do a voodoo and with some magic all women around the world start to buy and wear the same. That’s not true.

We all want or need things that are being massively produced. When environmental protectors start complaining and blaming businesses that produce cloths, plastics, things that are required by people it’s not that they are being unreasonable, it is that they actually see what is going to happen with the world if we all continue want and need staff.

Stop Wanting

Why is it that you need a room of cloths, not a closet, a room of cloths just to live as you desire. The fact is that in the end you think that there is nothing to wear, believe me it is not funny, it is super sad. The polyester that you wear causes significant environmental damage. Please, try at least to buy cotton.

What have I done?

Start Economy

  • Check out your closed, see if you already have a few t-shirts and hoodies, jeans, pants etc. If you do then please don’t buy any more of those. You can wear them at least two years.
  • Don’t through away cloths that you plan not to wear them. There are places where you can donate them, even if you don’t you know where homeless people are, they will be happy to have them.
  • Don’t buy take out coffee, just go 10 minutes early sit down in the cafe and enjoy a sip of coffee with a glass and keep the environment safe.
  • Don’t enter shops just to see what is knew, you will end up buying things that you don’t need. For that marketers do a really good job.
  • Forget about money for a moment, buy some fruits and vegetables just to cook at home.
  • Start reading books instead of watching TV shows. There is massive advertisement in all TV shows that manipulate people. TV shows help to sell more cloths, food, technology and more. Without realizing it you will spend a lot money. On the other hands, you will find very less hidden advertisements in books.
  • Do not complain about not having money, start saving and work, work, work. Stop being lazy.