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Friends, the Reunion is a story of the best created sitcom in the world. There is none to compare to.

Before watching it I had different expectations even though there were so many spoilers on the web. It doesn’t mean that I am disappointed. It exceeded my expectations.

Friends show was written about existing actual friends living in New York where each has its own life and story. Chandler did actually exist. Even the reunion reminds me of my friends and I when we gather together and watch our old videos and photos and laugh so loud as if we have never seen those photos.

The Friends show was watched over 100 billion times ….

The most interesting feeling that I had to watch the reunion is “omg, they were so young back then”.

They created something that we still watch and laugh at every time we re-watch it. They didn’t know if they were going to shoot the 2nd season or not.

It was empowering to watch the success they had after the pilot. Imagine you are creating something and you have no idea if you will succeed or not and then imagine the feeling that you will succeed and what impact your creation will have on others. The feeling is amazing.

I am not going to write spoilers. You have to watch. I couldn’t watch it without stopping it. It doesn’t go easy but the emotions and feelings are different.

Things that we didn’t know will be revealed in reunion. I want to re-watch the show again from the beginning.