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My good old friend once told me that love is a freedom, freedom of addictions, love addictions, smoking addictions, drinking and more. Love is when you are not afraid to be on your own alone and that there is not going to be any feeling of loneliness when staying alone by yourself.

Do you feel lonely when you are alone?

In case the answer is yes, then we have a problem fella.

In fact being alone is fun. The definitions of being alone are as follows:

  • Walking by yourself without listening to music, just walking and looking at the streets, at people etc.
  • Enjoying coffee alone at the cafe without listening to music, all by yourself.
  • Being at home alone without watching any TV show or any music. Silence and you. No social media.
  • Planning to go to the beach? You are going without phone, book, or anything valuable so that you can dive in the water and enjoy, when you are out you just lay on the sand and enjoy some sun and nice view in your own silence.

Things that will happen you are alone are as follows:

  • Positive energy from the mother earth
  • New thoughts, new ideas, new beginnings
  • New friends, new opportunities
  • All negative thoughts will be out
  • All positive thoughts will be in
  • Discovering new opportunities in yourself
  • Discovering of hidden beauties that surround you
  • Noticing people who you have never did before, you might even notice some butterflies